Patrick Walsh

TA: History of Science 133 with Professor Nelson

Advisor: Lynn Nyhart

Office: 5266 Mosse Humanities
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Phone: 608.890.3166
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Patrick Walsh


I work on the history of modern biology, with a focus on France in the Second Empire and Third Republic. My attention on France is anchored to the itinerant physiologist, Charles Brown-Séquard, who hailed from Mauritius but trained in Paris, and then spent his career working between Paris, London and various cities in America. Brown-Séquard famously fashioned an anti-ageing inoculation from testicular extracts, which was the forerunner to early twentieth-century hormone replacement technologies. Through Brown-Séquard’s corpus, I study modern formations of gender, reproductive biology and reproductive technology.


B. A., (Honours)(Class I), University of Queensland (2017)
B. S. / B. A., University of Queensland (2016) 


  • History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

Selected Publications

  • “Experimenting with ‘Life’ in Nineteenth-Century Physiology: Brown-Séquard’s Method for Characterising Blood”. Australian Feminist Studies 34, no. 99 (2019): 73-92.

Courses Taught (as TA)

  • History of Science 202 – The Making of Modern Science